Fovea – High-resolution 360° surveillance of large areas

What is FOVEA?

The monitoring system FOVEA is a completely new optical technology and was developed especially for 360° video surveillance of large areas. The 360° camera system can monitor areas with several kilometers in diameter. The patent-protected camera system is particularly suitable for use in large areas and can capture huge areas of several kilometers in diameter with only one camera. Instead of installing several individual camera systems, it is sufficient to set up a single FOVEA system.

By using FOVEA, it is possible for the first time to generate high-resolution 360° panoramas with a fixed static camera. The intelligent technology offers very good modularity and allows the use of various cameras and lenses in the visual as well as in other spectral areas, such as infrared (thermal imaging cameras).


Quality and Quantity

  • Territorial monitoring of large areas with several kilometers in diameter
  • Fast generation of high-resolution 360° panoramas with highest detail resolution even at great distances
  • Around-the-clock operation by using infrared sensors

More Safety

  • Automatic detection and object tracking in real time
  • Robust and reliable alerting of events

New Technology

  • First-time use of a fixed camera chip in the video-based 360°-detection
  • Flexible use of different types of cameras and lenses
  • Patent-protected method


More Efficiency

  • Monitoring of large areas with a single system
  • Automated analysis of the recorded area
  • Robust, low-maintenance and weatherproof

Optimised Performance

  • Flexible, future-proof hardware concept
  • Area-based surveillance rather than simple perimeter monitoring
  • High adaptability to custom-made systems


  • Reduction of costs due to decreasing number of monitoring systems
  • Less complex infrastructure/maintenance saves costs


With FOVEA we can provide you with a robust and complete turn-key system which we develop and realise according to your individual requirements and conditions.


Monitoring Sytem FOVEA by Syperion Vision


The system consists of a camera, the "CameraUnit" (camera including housing) and a supply and evaluation unit, the "DataProcessingUnit". Both components can be adapted to the respective problem, in order to achieve an optimal result. Furthermore, we provide installation, setup and support.

Contact us and together we will develop an individual solution for your company.


Medaille Security Innovation AwardIn 2012, the monitoring system FOVEA was awarded the silver medal at the "Security Innovation Award" in Essen/Germany in the category "Technology & Products", as a particularly forward-looking system. Thanks to its high flexibility, it can be used for environmental monitoring and access control as well as for fire protection or research and surveying work.

  • Surveillance and free-range protection on extensive outdoor facilities
  • Access control and theft protection, e.g. on industrial storage sites, solar power plants, in large port areas or on airfields
  • Environmental monitoring on offshore installations
  • Monitoring of nature reserves and natural events
  • Fire protection/fire prevention


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