Maritime Economy

FOVEA - New technology for maritime security

The requirements for the security of ports, shipping routes or coastal areas increase with globally growing commodity flows. More than ever, complex logistics and transport chains as well as the development of new energy sources have to be managed and secured effectively. Syperion Vision has created a new technology – the monitoring system "FOVEA" – that can contribute to meet the challenges of maritime security in an optimal way.

FOVEA has been developed for 360°-coverage of large areas. Thanks to its flexibility it can be easily adapted to customer-specific requirements and thus be used for environmental monitoring and access control as well as for fire protection or for research and survey work.

Wide range of applications

  • Monitoring of extensive areas and open spaces of up to several kilometres in diameter
  • Observation and protection of large seaports and security-relevant coastal areas
  • Monitoring of the surrounding area on offshore facilities
  • Monitoring of nature reserves and natural events
  • Fire protection/Fire prevention

Depending on your request, the dimensions and weight of the system, camera type, lens and evaluation are adapted according to special customer requirements.

Examples of Use - FOVEA

Flyer Maritime Economy by Syperion Vision


FOVEA - Security for Ports

FOVEA - Security for Marinas

FOVEA - Security for Storage Areas



Magazine accompanying international trade fair SMM - 30/08/2014, page 15:

FOVEA - Mehr Sehen am Hafen und an der Küste



Video about FOVEA at seaport 01



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